The Babies

The cats

Kiri and Kai, alternately: Basement cat and Ceiling cat.

Kiri(girl, sounds like key-ree), the black cat, and Kai(boy, sounds like Sky), the white one!

They are my babies.

Kiri is also a Night Fury (by night....?)

Feel free to call me a cat lady-in training. I’m sure I’m already halfway there.

I sent a picture of the babies to my sister that showed them both sitting on the floor and looking up at me. Of course, when I snapped the picture I triggered some sort of crazed/maniacal thought process for them and it ended up coming out a bit creepy. I’m sure I’ve deleted it by now, but it was basically them looking up at me with wide/scary eyes.

When my sister visited not too long ago and the cats were with me at home, she noticed how they followed me around. She called them my “minions”. Needless to say the name stuck.

As soon as I started to snap the pic, Kiri stands up and gives me the "Minions reporting for duty, Mommy" look.

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