Ya’ll stop bitchin, ya hear?

Texas. Ah Texas.

I love you, really I do! Despite the horrendous stereotypes that accompany your name, I love living here.

(I really shouldn’t have to list the stereotypes…)

Yet there’s one thing I don’t particularly like. And it’s the heat.

South Texas (where I reside) is hot. Seriously, very hot (and humid, as many will hurriedly inform you).

It doesn’t bode well for someone like me, who has to drive an hour on the sunny side (both ways!) to work and then trek across a campus to get to my office. It makes wearing my cardigans a little itchy and sweaty. But all that aside, it can make for great evening weather sitting outside with a beer or a glass of wine and chatting.

The heat. It is what it is. Every summer we have to deal with this. EVERY SUMMER. And yet STILL, people find the need to express how HOT it is outside, like we didn’t know this important factoid.

And now I’m rounding out to what really bothers me. It’s not the heat, it’s those who choose to complain INCESSANTLY about it. Yes, I know, it’s great small talk and generates that ‘in’ to get to talking with someone. But it has come to the point that if you choose to pick weather, the most obvious and annoying thing to talk about, to start a conversation with me….I will not participate.

I think it comes from my annoyance at small talk. It’s ‘small’ for a reason! Really, talking about the weather and stating the obvious is akin to speaking “HERPDERKASHERPPERPADERPDERP” to me.

Give me something to chew on, people! Say something with meaning.

So. To the meat of the heat!