I let Facebook know of my recent descent into vampirism: mainly how I am shunning the day for long hours spent roaming around skyrim with mage hands and watching Studio Ghibli movies and reading ASoIaF as fast as I can. I feel like I should be saying how sorry I am that I am able to do this, but really I’m just happy as a clam (a clam tucked up into pajamas and flufflies).

I roped my mom into it too, though she’s only playing Bingo on a horribly stingy Facebook app and providing a warm side leg for the cats.

We occasionally venture out to Starbucks and hiss at the sun.

So there’s my current state. I only made the list for the Spring textbooks today and soon I have to enter reality again. After New Year’s Day of course. I’ll be ringing in 2012 the sci-fi or fantasy style.


Semester’s End


I took my last sit-down final today for Shakespeare (later plays). I hate to jinx myself but I feel pretty good about it! Tomorrow I go for my last creative nonfiction class and I’m out.

Let the reading marathon commence! Also, I will finally be able to unwrap Skyrim and settle into a video game stupor.

Overall, this semester has been a great one. I made some awesome new friends, worked my freakin’ butt off, and actually learned a lot of shit (I know, right? Who’d have thunkit?)

I know I’ve neglected my baby blog, but I promise I’m sure to have more to say in the coming weeks. It’s Christmas! There’s so much to complain about.

See ya’ll on the other side!

Small step for me…not that much of a giant leap for anyone else.

But it’s a step! For me! Tis good!

Remember that annoying freshman girl I ranted about a couple of weeks ago?

Weeeel. Let’s just say I got a bit tired of her. To the point that I’ve wanted to just haul off and slap her. I wouldn’t really do it, but oh goodness it would surprise her.

Today we were watching a movie to go along with the book it’s written from. I happen to enjoy this movie and the book, so I wanted to actually watch it. She came in today and immediately popped some gum in her mouth, started chewing away, and turned to her new BFF to run her mouth. Class hadn’t even started so no big, right?

I didn’t want to wait. I made a decision that for me was monumental. I don’t like confrontation, so me getting up and moving away from her to another seat in the class was, to me, the equivalent to really hauling off and slapping her. We had started out okay, right? But there comes a point when I don’t want to “share” notes, listen to incessant meaningless chatter, or hear something roll around in your mouth noisily, for an hour. (Speaking of “sharing” notes, she didn’t ask if she could. She would blah blah blah very disrespectfully to the class and professor and then lean over and copy what I had on my computer if she had noticed I’d written something. Fucking made me MAD, ya’ll.)

It was a big step guys, because instead of wallowing in my indecision or listening to the mean voice in my head that tells me to DEAL WITH IT, I made a conscious decision and followed through. Yay! I gathered up my computer and bag and moved on down the row.

I know she was looking at me going, um wtf? And I’m sure I was a part of their whispering for a while, but honestly, I didn’t feel bad. At all. I didn’t feel like I had done something wrong. I felt AWESOME. I fixed my problem.

And to hell with her if she had a problem with it.

You know when people say they don’t give a fuck? And you think, psh yeah I’m sure you at least give a little bit of a fuck. Well this was my moment in which I literally had no fucks to give. There were none there, and so none were given.

It felt great! Now I don’t have to dread this class anymore.


Firsts and Lasts in life

For a writing assignment in my creative nonfiction class, we have to come up with 5 or so “firsts” and the same amount of “lasts”. The obvious firsts that I think of (first/last sexual experience, kiss, car, college class, boyfriend, break-up) are pretty standard, and I’m having a hard time coming up with anything more thoughtful.

I immediately jotted down my first real “college” party. It was notable mainly because it was a party I attended in which everyone was around the same age as I, yet I was the only one in college. That¬†was definitely an event I can write about…mainly focusing on the hostility of others towards my status.

First and last car accident (I’ve had 4, I think…ranging from no damage to totaled)…those should be interesting.

I’m definitely not writing about first or last sexual experiences…there was nothing special about those, honestly!

The assignment is to recreate the scene/event for each (chosen) first and last, and then to give it the “so what?” factor, which is where the insight or purpose of writing will come through.

I have a week to do this, but I’d prefer to get it over with. Plus I’m finding that maybe I need to be more introspective about the events in my own life. I’m journaling this semester, “for real for real”, which is the term for serious business, guise. Our professor said that if we filled up a journal a month (about 3 journals) that we’d get extra credit. Can’t complain with that, can I? The notebook size is our choice and I’m not chickening out, so I got some standard composition notebooks (100 pages). Seems honest, yes?

Does anyone have any suggestions for broad topic firsts and lasts?