Opinionated Bumper Stickers: Let’s get even more angry!

As a rule, I try not to have so much of any one opinion that I feel the need to slap it on my car.

Right now I just have my university’s name on the back windshield…aaaand that’s enough.

So I’m pondering what it is that makes people want to state their opinions on their car. I’ve heard that shit’s hard to get off! Why? Just..why? 

My thoughts were sparked, very negatively I must say, by a woman cutting me off while I was trying to move into the exit lane. She had about 3 lines of writing on the back windshield, but the middle line was the biggest (and most emphatic, of course). It read something along the lines of, “…if babies have to die because…”. I assume it’s about abortion. That’s all I could read, or wanted to read really, because I knew from that point I would get mad.

My own opinions aside, this pissed me off. Like, instantly. And I can’t imagine how many people she’s pissed off with the sticker she has affixed to her Yukon (it had to be a Yukon, too, didn’t it!). I got to thinking…why do people want to broadcast their views so publicly…and especially on the road!

Hello, road rage. I certainly don’t want to piss off the wrong people who could potentially put me in danger because they’re miffed about my bumper sticker!

Did ya’ll know the homicide rate goes up with the temperature? People are already mad! Don’t do something stupid on the road and then not expect whomever you pissed off not to be pushed over the edge because of your political views.

I drive an hour to work and back on one of the most used highways in my area. And let me tell you, people are fucking crazy. And rude. And they’re in the cars, which means they have an ‘anonymous-buffer’ to the outside world. They will not be considerate.

Why push it?

‘Oh free speech, I can say what I want, I shouldn’t have to censor myself!’

Oh yes, you’re absolutely right. But let’s do it in more clever ways, okay? How about instead of relying on catchy one liners to represent your, I’m sure more than one line, opinions, we form coherent and organized thoughts! How about that!

At least TRY.