Struggling with Seriousness

Okay ya’ll. I know I’m only 23, but is it really too much to ask for some general adult-respect?

I mean, I can drink now! Have been able to (legally) for 3 years! That most definitely qualifies me as an adult.

Or so I thought.

Sure, I didn’t follow the society-prescribed version of events that lead up to my adult life. But I’m here, senior in college, and I got here no matter what the placement of events. To be honest, I don’t feel like an adult. Is it this reason that I am then not treated like one? Or is it the other way around? Should I care?

I’ve always been a little bit more attracted to people older than me. Not attracted in a sexual way or anything…it’s more like I like to be around people that are more mature than my age group. I was friends with kids in older grades. Old people are great. It’s like I have always been a teensy step ahead, mentally.

But on the outside, it’s still, “Oh, 23 and still in college? Not an adult, sorry.”

And this gets to me. There are many different viewpoints within my family. My sister, who is 7 years older than me, knows I’m an adult. She treats me as such. My mother, who I’ve always been closer to, understands this too. My dad on the other hand, will never truly┬ábe impressed. I know. He might say the words, but he’ll always go back on them in another situation. In fact, his whole side of the family would do this, minus actually saying the words.

I can handle this, it’s no big. I’ve only got myself to worry about, yes? It’s a bit hard though, and we all know this. It is hard to act like an adult (because we all have the extreme version of ‘adult’ in our heads, and we’ll never live up to it).

Guilty pleasure, 1 out of many: coloring books. You can’t tell me that every once in a while, if a set of crayons (or markers, whatever you fancy) and some Transformers coloring books are set in front of you, that you wouldn’t be itching to color. Maybe the details are different, such as a Barbie coloring book…or just some markers and paper, but the feeling is essentially the same. And why not be happy with this? Why is it that if we “give in” to some sort of childhood/childish whim then we are somehow shamed and condemned. I can imagine a booming official male voice suddenly saying, “50 points have been taken from your adult-card! For shame!”, every time I do something that is defined as immature, childish, un-adult.

I mean, that’s only one circumstance that people might find less-adulty. There are so many more! Why are we so concerned with acting like adults?

Who are these “adults” anyway?