Firsts and Lasts in life

For a writing assignment in my creative nonfiction class, we have to come up with 5 or so “firsts” and the same amount of “lasts”. The obvious firsts that I think of (first/last sexual experience, kiss, car, college class, boyfriend, break-up) are pretty standard, and I’m having a hard time coming up with anything more thoughtful.

I immediately jotted down my first real “college” party. It was notable mainly because it was a party I attended in which everyone was around the same age as I, yet I was the only one in college. That¬†was definitely an event I can write about…mainly focusing on the hostility of others towards my status.

First and last car accident (I’ve had 4, I think…ranging from no damage to totaled)…those should be interesting.

I’m definitely not writing about first or last sexual experiences…there was nothing special about those, honestly!

The assignment is to recreate the scene/event for each (chosen) first and last, and then to give it the “so what?” factor, which is where the insight or purpose of writing will come through.

I have a week to do this, but I’d prefer to get it over with. Plus I’m finding that maybe I need to be more introspective about the events in my own life. I’m journaling this semester, “for real for real”, which is the term for serious business, guise. Our professor said that if we filled up a journal a month (about 3 journals) that we’d get extra credit. Can’t complain with that, can I? The notebook size is our choice and I’m not chickening out, so I got some standard composition notebooks (100 pages). Seems honest, yes?

Does anyone have any suggestions for broad topic firsts and lasts?