Falling Skies: How I’m not falling for you, sorry.

Anybody watching this show? That’s a dumb question, sorry, because I hear it’s already been re-upped for a second season.

(And I say this with some disdain because I am STILL mad that Starz didn’t sign on for a second season of Camelot.)

I started watching because, hey, sci-fi thriller amidst the crappy summer shows? That’s my kind of shit! But I don’t get as excited any more when I sit down to watch it. I mean, I stalled watching the second episode in favor of organizing the bins under my bed.

Why is it not meeting my expectations? Because it’s transparent. There are several reasons I think the show is not giving us anything new or original to think on.

Spoiler alert here, if you haven’t watched the show or aren’t caught up with the latest episodes, don’t forge ahead!

Reason 1 – The formula.

Tense moment. Tense moment. Tense moment! Re-group. Heartfelt moment. Heartfelt moment. Teaching moment.

…and repeat. With a few variations, but you get my drift.

They gave us the aliens to reel us in, but now we’re supposed to be watching because of the characters. Which aren’t bad, I must say. They are doing a great job with what they’re given.

However, this show isn’t about the aliens, ya’ll. It’s about the state of society once the aliens have attacked. Although, I am kind of glad they just skipped the whole attack thing and moved on to the aftermath/coping stages.

But the formula keeps me from getting too close to the show. It’s very predictable.

Reason 2 – The Stereotypes

I got a litte miffed during the episode that they introduced us to the ‘southuners’ or more importantly, from the shows point of view, the outlaws.

We knew this was going to happen. Of course there are outlaws after the core of society crumbles!

On the other hand, I am getting tired of the stereotypes of southerners (note their accents, tone of voice, and imagined superiority in the show) in television.

And I knew they were going to comment on post-apocalyptic racism. It certainly wouldn’t go away after aliens attack, and I mean that seriously. On that I point I do agree. We would love to think that after being attacked by another class of being from another world that we would wipe all of our prejudices away and be united in warm fuzzy new world order….but of course, we have to be realistic. (The writers have to be realistic, I mean).

So what I do not jive with on the show is putting the only outlaws we have encountered in the ‘southuner’ category and using all the stereotypes we’ve constructed for it as a crutch.

Be creative people. Stop perpetuating the same old shit.

Reason 3 – Aliens! ALIENS YA’LL.

They got us hook, line, and sinker with the aliens. Because really, that’s why we all wanted to watch the show. But there are some things I wish they would hurry up and sort out already.

At first, it seems like the aliens only come out and attack at night, or at least this is what we are guided to think as they (the humans) move their community out in the open in the daylight. But no! The aliens aren’t limited to coming out at night. Or so it seems?

Honestly, I’m confused. Because they were huddled together hanging like bats from an underpass and sleeping in the daytime when Pope is able to blast ’em. They take over the earth and immobilize humanity…and they make this mistake?

I don’t see it. Maybe I’m giving TNT too much credit. Or the aliens. It could be that they are so secure in their victory over Earth that now it’s just a cleaning job and they don’t have to worry so much about the human stragglers. Yet I’m still left wondering why, oh why!¬†when, as writers of a new series, they aren’t attacking these aliens creatively and really thinking through their characterization! And I should add, I’m making these statements when we’re only, what, 3 or 4 episodes in? Shouldn’t we just wait and see what they give us? They showed us this awesome alien tower/space station thing and then, eh, let’s not show them again. I really started to like where the teacher guy was going with his student’s speculation on the mech’s structure mirroring humans and not the aliens…but then they dropped that.

I’d just like a little bit of cohesion, you know? Keep feeding us cool tidbits about the aliens and I’m still on for the show…but keep giving me aww moments interspersed with bad dialogue and worn-out cliche characters and I will be reluctant to continue on. Even with that cute and perpetually dirty professor.