(Mis)Adventures in DIY

I found this 2 ingredient recipe for pore/acne strips, to replace the Biore ones you find at the drugstore. It’s been on my reading list bar for a while now so I decided to try it tonight. (After my dad had gone to bed so he couldn’t make fun of my glass mask face.)

Pretty simple.

2 ingredients: unflavored gelatin and milk. Best DIY ever, eh?

I thought, alright! I’m on board! But little did I know. The blogger has step by step pictures of her in the process. It looks innocent enough.

I mixed the concoction, microwaved for a bit, and set to slappin’ it on. Mind you — it stinks! Warm milk and unflavored jelly stuff, not a good smell. Maybe lime would have been better. Then again she doesn’t advise that.

So I slathered it on, nasty smell and all, and then waited. About 10 minutes in I’m feeling all breaky-face. I try to talk and feel like my skin is cracking (this can’t be a good sign). Time’s up! Let’s get to peeling.

This should be fun, right? It was like peeling dead skin, which you know, we all love. (No really, I know you like it. Everyone’s had a bad sunburn.)

It started out okay, but then I got to my cheek. Oh lordy was that not fun. Like peeling tape from a wound. The blogger mentions that this leaves your skin feeling baby soft, and after what I went through it was surprisingly close to… If you consider having baby skin meaning that you have a whole new layer after peeling the first one off! My skin is still tingling and red as I write this.

Her face, however, looks conspicuously free of redness and her eyes tearless. I finally just scrubbed the rest off with warm water and a washcloth.

It was a fun venture if you count pain part of the party. My face does have a nice soft feel after I gave it some moisturizer. Now, I know that these kinds of things are different from everyone, but I feel like I should have at least had a warning that the peelage would be painful.

God forbid, don’t get it in your eyebrows. I lost a few key hairs there.

DIY Doldrums (Part 1)

Since I’m in the lull before the storm/school phase, I thought it would be in my best interest to do some DIY-ing. Hobbies and such. You know, things “normal” people have? (Whoever these normal people might be….or where!)

All I do for work is sort, file, and mail out admissions letters. After that, free time! So it’s to the computer I go. I found several good things to try, with tutorials (and lots of pictures!).

First up was homemade lip balm. I did this when I was younger and thought it was a hoot. Although, at that time, it was the easy-peesy kid’s version with vasoline and flavoring. I was (and still am) trying for something a bit more challenging though. From the many recipes I perused it was evident that beeswax needed to be involved, as well as ‘essential oils’ which is a new one for me, and Vitamin E oil, and well…other cosmetic-y things. I’m in a fairly small town, however, which does not boast it’s choices for these types of things. Vendors beware of my town; start talking Bay or Camphor oil and they might think you’re “one of those new-agey Wiccan/Pagan/Hippie grass skirt people”.

martha stewart lb

Look how pretty! But trust me, homemade pics to come are not so nice.

Of course, no luck where I am. Walmart? Psh hell no. I tried everywhere else and only came up with Beeswax that was for hardware (don’t want that on my lips). Essential oils? Another hell to the no. I can’t find it on it’s own because it’s mixed into other things and I have to steer clear of un-pronounceable names on the backs of bottles. At least I did find Vitamin E oil, in Walmart. I already have flavorings such as honey and vanilla/almond/coconut extract. I was almost there.

What, you say? Order online? Well fuck that. I hate waiting! But I caved. I ordered some beeswax bars off Amazon. I wanted very badly to order off another site (The Sage) that has BUNCHES of stuff. But they won’t take my card because of address issues (I recently moved). But alas, I am not to be discouraged. Cocoa Butter to the rescue! Found some pure cocoa butter sticks at Sally’s. It tastes amazing when combined with vanilla-y scents. But I fucked it up by reheating it out of a tub I put it in to get it into a tube. And now it’s all goopy. Plus the cats keep knocking it over on my desk because it smells funny.

Not so pretty, eh?

I’ve tried three times, however, to get the beeswax recipe to work and so far they are all too stiff to roll onto the lips or try to scrape out of a tin.

Strike 1. (I’m giving up for now. At least until my dad stops trying to pester me and make fun of it.)

Another DIY, that I am somewhat knowledgeable about…is sewing! Sewing things, that is. I got a super nice sewing machine for Christmas awhile back, and so far I can make zipper pouches and slip/pillow covers…sorta. They don’t look all that great though. I’m far¬†from an expert sewer. My lines aren’t even straight, and I get freaked out when I step on the peddle and it goes too fast. All slow-going for me. I want to try to make some things that are similar to zipper pouches and cases and such. Found some good tutorials, and I’ve already tackled the dreaded zipper foot (according to my mom, who stayed away from it for years), so I should be good to go, yes?

Well. We’ll see. Laptop case is first on the list.