Autumn, are you smiling from somewhere?

I swear, the other day, as I was lying in my sick bed about to be swallowed by tissues, I saw Autumn.

Autumn as in the fall season.

I know, I know. It’s August. In Texas, of all places. Who even remembers what Fall feels like?

But I swear you guys! I saw it. Yes, I was in a/c heaven at the time, and I’m sure if I had been outside I might have thought differently. However, I got that feeling. That feeling, you know? School starts at the end of the month, the sky is bright and clear, something is coming, the world is turning-weird feeling.

It happened! I will will Autumn into existence if I have to.



2 responses to “Autumn, are you smiling from somewhere?

  1. Patience! Only 38 more days to the autumnal equinox! From what I’ve read about summer in Texas this year I’m glad I’m in Pennsylvania! Hope you’re feeling better!!!

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