Apparently, I don’t know what nonsense is coming out of my mouth!

Educated? God forbid! How insulting that I should be a senior in college majoring in English (of all things!) and still curse!

I realized a long time ago that it doesn’t matter who says it’s wrong to curse and what their reasonings are, because they too will curse and not give a damn about the situation they’re in.

I learned this when my dad, all throughout my childhood, would tell me not to say things like “crud” or “crap” because they were crude. Heavens, no! Crap? Please, think of the children! I soon stopped really listening to him when I overheard a heated conversation between my mom and him in which he thought it appropriate to use the dreaded F-word several times over a disagreement on dinner and my mother’s “place”. It’s not totally a mystery as to why I am the way I am now, which is heavily critical about gender issues (though I’m not as educated on this) and how we use language to perpetuate certain ideas.

But really, I made this post because I wanted to post my encounter (more like sly international-spy-worthy sneak, sort of) with an elderly couple in a bookstore a couple of weeks ago. I was rounding out my search for some sci-fi paperbacks when I overheard a woman say, kind of loudly I may add, that “they don’t know what they are saying when they curse”. Nevermind who this mysterious “they” was, I wanted to know what it is that makes this woman think that cursing is apparently just a primal outburst within a conversation. I stuck around them in the pretense of looking at biographies (which were on clearance, and they were there for a reason, believe me) when I saw the older woman (about mid 60’s) going on about it with more context, and then trailing behind her was presumably her husband. He had a very defeated look, and didn’t say a word on the matter (at least while I was within earshot).

Now, I get it. Yeah it sounds kind of nasty when people curse. I always used to think, hey people, widen your vocab!, when they cursed. But honestly, as I find myself cursing more often, I feel like it adds flavor. I’m not necessarily angry at the moment, but my curse word-choice will help in delivering the punch I need to get my idea across. Either this woman had a gender/racial/social stigma about people who cursed, which allowed her to form the opinion that those who cursed are just ignorant, or she was talking about someone with turrets syndrome.

I just chuckled at what she said and had a little made-up conversation with this woman in my head (stable, I know)…and sidled on down to paranormal romance.


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